University of Instagram

I have been on Instagram for a while now and when trying to explain to someone why I prefer it to Facebook I was struggling to politely say “because there are less selfies”, but that’s not really the reason. There are plenty of selfies shared here too. What I realize is that there is a world of information and inspiration on Instagram that I get to customize for my interests, and my education of the art world in an incredibly easy way.

I always feel awkward sharing pieces of my life and work, but I know it’s the only way to introduce myself to someone halfway around the world, and to learn from them. Plus, I have been able to visit shows that I may otherwise have not known of, at galleries I didn’t even know existed… even if it is from my own studio, on my iPhone. The artists it has exposed me to has made me learn more about them, their work and the place they are from. And, the feeds shared by curators, art historians, writers and designers has been an endless source of knowledge. I am so grateful.

And that is why I prefer to spend my free time on Instagram.

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