Upcoming 'Alchemic Exit' Show

September 3rd - 29th, 2016
DUTHIE GALLERY - Salt Spring Island

I am pleased to announce an upcoming show at Salt Spring Island's Duthie Gallery which will be opening September 3rd, 2016. The show entitled 'Alchemic Exit' features a mother and son collaboration of myself and Cole Bazin and will feature new paintings and drawings not yet featured on our websites.

The show is a creative exploration into the subject of escapism and how two different artistic points of view regard the subject and the theories of, and ways we use escapism to deal with the pressures of life. Both Cole and I dive into the alchemy of the practice of painting and the age old study of using natural artistic mediums to create something authentic and transforming a subject into something other than its original form.

The opening is Saturday September 3rd from 5-9pm and is open to the public. MAP